Cheers to 5 Years! / by Kathy Hochstetler


Cheers to 5 Years

Time flies when you’re doing what you LOVE!

It’s amazing to think that John and I do what we love everyday here at Studio 4 Designs! How is it possible that 5 years have passed, just like that? June 3, 2014 was the date that changed our lives as we knew it. That was the very first day that we opened our studio doors to the public. We felt like we were releasing our hearts into the world on that day. We love to create one of a kind furniture and home furnishings, to put our own unique twist on things.

Needless to say, this has us browsing through old photos and reminiscing. Just look at the first photos that I shared on social media on that very first day.

It is funny for me to see how spread out our displays were in those first days. Another thing is the photo quality….or lack there of. Ha! But hey…we were just winging it and getting things done. So much has been learned over the years and I’m grateful that we weren't afraid to go for it.

The studio has definitely evolved and filled up over the years.

Because of this wonderful place, John has had the opportunity to work on so many custom projects. It is a true privilege to make your furniture dreams come true.

Thank you for being a part of our journey! We are thankful for each of you!