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Change is all around us by Kathy Hochstetler


Change is all around us

Summer is flying by…it seems like we just celebrated our 5 year anniversary and that was a month ago. I hope you plan on soaking up each moment of summer that we have left, John and I are planning on it.

We are constantly creating and adding new creations to the studio. Here is a glance at what we’ve been up to lately.

Do you know what this flea market find was before we got our hands on it? A warehouse cart. Most of the warehouse carts we find end up becoming a coffee table but I had a different vision for this one. You see, it had those “ladder” sides on it when we found it and that gave me an idea…to transform it into a tv stand. That seemed too permanent so John helped me come up with a better solution. He created adjustable shelves out of locally salvaged chippy barn wood. This way it can be whatever your heart may desire: tv stand, bookshelf, kitchen storage, and the list goes on. When we put our heads together, you never know what will happen.

How cozy is this space? John used one of our reclaimed barn beams as a mantel for this makeshift fireplace. We went round and round with ideas for this space and this is what we came up with. The wall under the mantel was painted with chalkboard paint. Each brick was then chalked in to create the brick pattern. A little time consuming but I love the result.

We have a stock of barn beams to choose from to create a mantel just for your space and if we don’t have what your looking for, we’ll do our best to find it.

Are you a fan of sliding barn doors? This one features local barn wood with a special finish to show all the character. We love to use vintage track and hinges to finish off the look. Why would you want to use mass produced hardware when you can use vintage patina hardware like this? The amazing thing is that this door slides easily on the vintage track.

We would love to help you come up with a custom door design to fit your space and style. And of course, if you want to use reproduction hardware, we have a source for that.

Well, there you have it…a little glimpse into what’s new at Studio 4. Thanks for following along!

Much love,


Cheers to 5 Years! by Kathy Hochstetler


Cheers to 5 Years

Time flies when you’re doing what you LOVE!

It’s amazing to think that John and I do what we love everyday here at Studio 4 Designs! How is it possible that 5 years have passed, just like that? June 3, 2014 was the date that changed our lives as we knew it. That was the very first day that we opened our studio doors to the public. We felt like we were releasing our hearts into the world on that day. We love to create one of a kind furniture and home furnishings, to put our own unique twist on things.

Needless to say, this has us browsing through old photos and reminiscing. Just look at the first photos that I shared on social media on that very first day.

It is funny for me to see how spread out our displays were in those first days. Another thing is the photo quality….or lack there of. Ha! But hey…we were just winging it and getting things done. So much has been learned over the years and I’m grateful that we weren't afraid to go for it.

The studio has definitely evolved and filled up over the years.

Because of this wonderful place, John has had the opportunity to work on so many custom projects. It is a true privilege to make your furniture dreams come true.

Thank you for being a part of our journey! We are thankful for each of you!



Hello March by Kathy Hochstetler

Are You READY for Spring?

Okay, so it’s not just me, then…

These Ohio winters never seem to end, am I right? During these winter months, we take the time to put our heads down and create. John and I have been working hard to add some new furniture and decor to the studio.

What do you think of this reclaimed coffee table? The concept with this piece is multipurpose. It would be perfect to do homework, computer work, even eat your meal while watching a movie and, of course, it is a great place for your coffee cup and favorite book. John and I found the reclaimed legs at the last flea market we attended. The layers of paint were hard to pass up!

Around this time last year, I learned macrame. It was something that had intrigued me and I searched out tutorials to figure it out. These days with the internet, you can learn anything you want with the search bar. This year I have added an extra layer to my macrame wall hangings by incorporating weaving. It is therapeutic and I love it! It’s never too late to learn something new.

To be Creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you Love life enough that you want to enhance its Beauty, you want to bring a little more Music to it, a little more Poetry to it, a little more Dance to it.
— Osho

This console table features maple with a dark gray glaze and reclaimed cast legs. The shelf is a great place for extra storage. I can see this table being useful in a foyer or for serving food in a dining room. The uses are endless.

We have added to our camera collection this winter featuring cameras from the early 1900s to 1960s. Not sure what it is about cameras but I love to clean them up and find unique ways to display them.

Plan a trip to Amish Country to explore what’s new. If you aren’t able to shop with us in person, check out our Etsy shop and Facebook page.

Don’t worry. Spring is just around the corner! Until then, enjoy each day that you are given.

Cheers! ~Kathy

Express your style by Kathy Hochstetler


Create a Home You Love


Start with what you love

When it comes to styling your home, start with what you love.  Your instincts are right.  I hear so many people say that they love a style but it can't be incorporated into their home.  I beg to differ.  Styles and textures mix to create your own unique style.  You do not need to stick with one distinct look.  That's what is great about today design, anything goes.  Don't be afraid to create a home that is a unique expression of you.  Be bold.  Be different.  Find things that not just anyone will incorporate into their home.

Start with that one item that you really like and build around that, whether it is a piece of furniture, art work or a plant.  Add accessories with similar content, color, or texture.  Take your time with this process.  Be sure to find the things you really like without compromising.  Before you know it, you have a cohesive look that is uniquely you.


Adding color into your space can easily be done.  Generally, the way I use color is to repeat it at least three times in a space.  I am a color lover and enjoy adding pops to any space.  The trick is placement of the color, making your eye dance around the room to take it all in.  Plus, different textures are important.  Although, there is something striking about adding a stand alone bold colorful piece into your space.  



Different textures and mediums help to soften your space and add warmth and interest.  Bringing in the outdoors with plants helps to soften hard lines, whether they are real or faux plants.  Pillows and throws with varying textures adds another layer.  Especially if you are sticking with a neutral pallet, texture is important.  It creates contrast and helps everything to not blend together.  I find that keeping things simple and clear of clutter lends to a more relaxing setting to live in.


Get started today

Don't hesitate on starting to change your home.  Start today and take small steps towards your ultimate goal.  No matter your budget, you can make simple changes that will have a big impact.  A lot of time is spent in our homes and we might as well enjoy them.  I would love to see how you are making your house a home.  And if you have any questions, ask away.  I will do my best to answer.

Much Love,